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Storytelling Saga

Mar 25, 2024

Ali interviews illustrator and graphic designer, Michael Harring, whose projects include directing the movie, The Mountain, The River and The Road, illustrating the book, Magoo and His Magic Poo, developing a monster-themed collection called Wayward Ghouls, and much more.

Mar 18, 2024

Ali interviews co-creators of the comic book series, "Bobo & J-5: Journey to the Planet Pie!," Joseph Bricker (writer) and John Charles Bricker (illustrator).

Mar 11, 2024

Ali interviews Ashlee Wyatt, creator of the comic strip, "Fleaboy & Weasel."

Mar 4, 2024

Ali interviews actress, writer, and producer, Georgie Leahy, who shares about co-producing her first movie, Bosco, creative influences which notably includes Britney Spears, her move to LA and experience as a muse, working with Brandon Rogers, voicing Stella on Helluva Boss, and many more fascinating stories!